Governance Member

Invitation to become a Governance Member for SafeProfit.Network



SafeProfit Network is a hybrid trust+trustless network between participants. The network itself operates with randomized consensus between masternodes. With approx 500+ masternodes, the network is fairly decentralized and can work with characteristics of a trustless network.

However, SafeProfit Network is also designed to be a trusted network with its key participants that can participate in Governance as well as compliance of the network.

Council Nodes: (Invitation for limited members.)

A Council Node needs to run a masternode - 10M XDC : How to Setup Masternode.

A Council Node also needs to stake 90M XDC other than the masternode. (Locked for 1 year)


  • Maintain a healthy masternode
  • Participate in regional compliance
  • Participate in whitelisting XDC with regulators
  • Participate in maintaining healthy liquidity of XDC ecosystem
  • Participate in the growing developer ecosystem and enterprise ecosystem regionally
  • Participate in Governance vote of SafeProfit Network

Rewards and Benefits:

  • Up to 5M XDC / year will be sent as Council rewards from ecosystem pool (Approval of 5M XDC is voting based from masternodes)
  • The rewards will reduce after every year
  • Participate in future Roadmap